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Cat stuck in evacuated building: Firefighters risk their lives trying to save his

firefighters exiting building onto crane cat-happy © hugoclementk - Instagram

Pets are family. So, when they’re in peril and need our help, most pet owners are prepared to do anything to save them. That's what Martine did for her cat.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the , Updated on the

On the 12th of October, a building in Dieppe, France, collapsed.

Everyone in the neighbouring buildings was evacuated, as the collapse had weakened them and put them at risk of collapsing as well. 


Cat stuck inside apartment building

Unfortunately, there was one little guy who wasn’t evacuated – Marius the cat. His owner, Martine, pleaded with rescue services, asking them to enter the building so they could save Marius.

“He’s dying of thirst and starvation up there!”, she said.

But no-one wanted to risk their safety to go into the building. So Martine did the only thing she could do – she started a petition. Within just a few days, the petition to save Marius racked up over 79,000 signatures, getting the attention of reporters and influencers alike.

Firefighters volunteer to save stranded cat

Thanks to the petition, and after her story went viral, two firefighters volunteered to enter the weakened building. Though it was a dangerous mission, they were successful! Marius was finally rescued from the building and reunited with his very relieved owner.

All is well that ends well!

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