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Litterers didn't think plastic bottle would have such devastating consequences

dog with head stuck in plastic bottle dog-angry © OmataQro - Twitter

Taking care of our animals means feeding them, providing them with shelter, and taking them to the vets. But it also means keeping the planet they live on clean!

By Justine Seraphin

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About a month ago, a group of cyclists was going through a rural area of Mexico when they stumbled upon a stray dog.

The poor thing had a plastic bottle stuck on its head, and was stumbling around, struggling to see and breathe.


Cyclists help stray dog in need

The cyclists, worried for the dog’s well-being, stopped and approached the poor pooch carefully. One cyclist held the dog still while another tried to dislodge the plastic bottle. For several minutes, she struggled with it, to no avail.

Finally, she realised that the only way to free the dog would be to cut the plastic bottle. Once a small cut was made, the plastic bottle came right off!

Protecting the planet saves our pets

It was clear the dog was thankful for his rescuers. His tail started wagging uncontrollably and he started jumping up on the cyclists playfully, as if to say ‘thank you for saving my life’!

This is a sad reminder that polluting does not only affect the planet. It also affects our beloved four-legged friends. 

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