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Abandoned dog realises rescuers are here: His reaction makes everyone emotional

brown pitbull in chains standing behind garage dog-happy © Rebel Dogs Detroit - Facebook

It’s impossible for us dog lovers to understand how an animal can be left to fend for itself in this way. Thankfully, there are always kind people who are ready to help.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few weeks ago, a man living in Detroit came home one day and realised that a dog had been abandoned in a neighbouring back yard.


Dog is abandoned at the end of a chain

The man immediately called for help, and help arrived in the form of a Rebel Dogs Detroit volunteer named Tiffany Perkins.

Tiffany instantly saw that the dog was chained up, and that the chain had been left on for so long that it had started to embed itself into the poor animal’s neck.

Nervous dog ready to be loved by new family

Understandably, the dog was a little nervous as Tiffany approached, but it was clear he was also yearning for love. As Tiffany got closer, the dog peered his head from behind the garage where he was hiding. And when he realised Tiffany was only trying to help, he came out for head scratches and belly rubs.

Since then, Beaker has had much needed surgery and made a full recovery. He’s just waiting for his perfect forever family to notice him and take him home. He deserves a happy ending!

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