Passengers see huge dog running in station: What he does next leaves them stunned

big mixed breed dog coming up underground station stairs dog-wow © boji_ist - Instagram

Public transport can be a little stressful, especially for our four-legged friends. But there’s one dog for whom public transport is paradise.

By Justine Seraphin

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Boji is a massive stray dog who lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

And even though he doesn’t have a stable address, Boji is very well known in Istanbul. 


Huge stray dog rides the train

That’s because Boji loves to travel all over town using public transport. Whether it’s the metro, the tram, or the bus, Boji doesn’t mind, as long as he can take it.
Transit workers started following Boji around and realised that he always seemed to know exactly where he was going and which stations he had to get off at.

But he doesn’t just take public transport to get places, he also likes to nap there! After all, it’s where he feels most at home, so he’ll often be spotted sleeping on the bus or train seats. 

An official traveller

Public transit officials recently took Boji to the vet’s for a health check, where he was also fitted with a microchip – one which connects to a mobile application, allowing officials to keep tabs on him and his whereabouts.

But they shouldn’t worry. Not only does Boji know exactly where he’s going, he’s also one of the most polite public transport passengers of all time, which keeps him out of trouble. He always waits his turn before embarking on the train, is quiet during the journeys, and is always happy to get cuddles and pose for selfies.

Are we currently booking a trip to Turkey just to see Boji? Why yes, yes we are.

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