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Shelter dog spends days sleeping on old sweater: The reason why is heart-breaking

mixed breed dog laying down on old sweater dog-sad © Hull Animal Welfare Trust - Facebook

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. That’s why when owner or dog passes away, it’s so hard for the one who’s left behind. The bond is forced apart...

By Justine Seraphin

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Joe is a 10-year-old dog who recently came to the Hull Animal Welfare Trust in South Cave.

Poor Joe is having a hard time adapting to shelter life. His previous life with his owner was just so much better.


Dog inconsolable after owner passes away

Unfortunately, Joe’s owner recently passed away. Joe is so heartbroken that he won’t eat or sleep. He just stays in a corner of his kennel and lies down on his owner’s old sweater.

Joe’s carers are desperate to find him a suitable home. They’re convinced that once out of the shelter environment, he will start to feel better. Someone just needs to step up and give an old dog a chance.

Senior dog in desperate need of a home

Last week, a family offered to take him – only to crush his hopes days later. But if Joe stays in the kennel any longer, his personality may fade away little by little…

Let’s help save Joe and find him a good home!

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