Drone search for dogs trapped by La Palma lava: Have the dogs been found?

podenco laying down on ground in la palma dog-wow
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The volcanic eruption in La Palma began on the 19th of September and has so far destroyed 2,000 properties and caused the evacuation of 6,000 people. But not everyone got out…

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 21/10/2021, 17:00

Since the eruption, up to 6 podencos have been stranded in the town of Todoque due to the lava flows. 

After an animal welfare charity was alerted to their plight, it was decided that the dogs would be rescued via airlifting using drones. A team of people from Aerocamaras sent their first drones yesterday.


Stranded dogs in La Palma hide from drones

Unfortunately, the dogs were nowhere to be found. After the government was accused of taking a lax stance on the issue, the animal welfare charity responded that the dogs could simply be hiding. The sound of the drones may have scared them into hiding spots that even the cameras can’t see.

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But the animal rescue and drone team are not giving up! They are currently dropping treats onto the ground where the dogs were last seen in the hopes that they will be able to lure them out of their hiding spots.

Have the dogs in La Palma been rescued?

Mysteriously, a sign appeared next to the dogs’ supposed locations just a few hours ago. The sign read: “The dogs are fine.” No-one knows whether this sign is legit and whether this means the dogs have been rescued.

However, a former military man named Jose Antonio Sanchez posted the following message on his Facebook profile:

“The podencos are safe, I am sorry I cannot say more.”

We hope we get some good news about these dogs soon!