Blind Spaniel undergoes cataracts surgery: The results have his family in tears

brown cocker spaniel sitting on beach dog-happy
© Vickie Tatlow - Facebook

Dogs love to explore the world, whether it’s through their taste, smell, or sight! But sadly for Stevie, one of his senses was quickly disappearing.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 20/10/2021, 09:00

Stevie the Cocker Spaniel was relinquished to the Dog’s Trust after his breeders no longer wanted him due to his poor eyesight.

Sadly, Stevie suffered from congenital cataracts in both eyes. Without surgery, his eyesight just kept getting worse and worse over time – losing sight completely in one eye and most of it in the other.


Spaniel undergoes cataracts operations

But luckily for Stevie, he was noticed by the perfect family – one who was willing to help him through all his health challenges. So, Stevie was adopted by the Tatlows, who started to raise money for his much-needed cataracts surgeries. 

Soon after the surgeries, the milkiness in Stevie’s eyes started to disappear, and he visibly started to gain confidence when out on walks…he could see again! His family entire family were so moved by the results of the surgery, and particularly thankful to those who donated to make it all possible.

Stevie bonds with autistic girl

While the Tatlows undoubtedly changed Stevie’s life for the better, Stevie also changed theirs. Indeed, the Tatlows have an autistic teenage daughter named Tegan, who used to stay inside the house a lot and never socialised. But ever since Stevie’s arrival, she’s really come out of her shell! The pair developed an extremely strong bond, and now they love to go for walks together. Tegan’s love for Stevie has even convinced her to pursue studies in the animal field. 

What a beautiful ending for Stevie!