Owners search for escaped dog: Then get call that makes them burst into laughter

back dog standing at glass door dog-happy
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Every dog has their own personality. But some have particularly special characters that are very entertaining, to say the least. Indy is such a dog.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 21/10/2021, 21:00

Liza Thayer is a very lucky dog owner. Indeed, she gets to take her dog to work every day!

Liza works in an assisted living facility, and her dog Indy helps brighten the residents’ day by accompanying her mum to work.


Dog escapes home to go to work

But one day, Liza left Indy at home with her dad because she was attending a wedding. She obviously wasn’t going to work that day, but Indy clearly didn’t get the memo.

Indeed, Indy proceeded to run away from home and walk all the way to the assisted living facility, probably thinking her mum had absent-mindedly forgotten her at home.

All is well that ends well

Thankfully, everyone at the facility soon recognized Indy and welcomed her inside with open arms. They kept an eye on her until the end of the day when someone was able to drive her home.

Liza was gobsmacked when she got the call:

"I truly didn't believe it! She takes the drive with me every day, but I never imagined she would do this."

Guess Indy doesn’t mind doing overtime!