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Watch: Workers hear something in water reservoir and can't believe what they find

water plant worker climbing metal ladder cat-sad © DSPCA - Facebook

Sometimes, you just have to wonder how animals get themselves in such tight spots. Thankfully, there are always good people who are ready to help.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few weeks ago, workers at a water treatment plant heard strange noises coming from one of the reservoirs.


Water plant workers discover kitten inside reservoir

Anxious to get to the bottom of this mysterious noise, the workers took a look inside. And what they found had them panicked in a matter of seconds.

A young cat had someone ended up inside, and was clawing desperately at the sides of the tank to keep his head above water.

A race against time

Without hesitation, the workers tried to gain access to the cat. Unfortunately, since he was so terrified, it was very difficult for the workers to catch him. But after several minutes of effort, they were able to lift the cat out of the reservoir using a cage and a rope.

Once the little cat was back on dry land, he was rushed to the DSPCA in Dublin, where vets gave him the care he needed. He was wrapped up in a blanket and given gentle massages until he stopped trembling from the cold. 

Thank goodness for his rescuers – had they been just a few minutes late, the poor little cat might not have made it!

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