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Rescuers find abandoned cat and realise she’s survived a living nightmare

white cat in the street cat-angry © Almost Home Foundation - Facebook

Some people really don’t deserve to own pets. Whoever treated Angel the abandoned cat in this way certainly should never keep animals again.

By Justine Seraphin

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Back in 2018, a white cat was found alone and hungry in the streets of Illinois.

The poor cat was in terrible condition, with its fur falling off in clumps, and so skinny you could see its bones right through its skin.

Abandoned cat survives cruelty

It was clear the poor animal had been abandoned by its owners, and left to fend for itself. But that wasn’t the worst part.

As rescuers picked up the cat and transported him to the animal shelter, they realise his owners had done something far worse to the poor animal. The cat, later named Angel, had been declawed on all four paws.

What is declawing 

Declawing is considered a barbaric tactic in many countries now (including the UK, where it is illegal). Declawing involves the amputation of the first bone of the finger. Not only is it a painful operation but it also prevents your cat from being able to act naturally afterwards. Yes – scratching is an essential part of cat behaviour, and preventing them from doing it is animal cruelty!

Thankfully, Angel has since found a better home.

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