It's official: Wamiz grants bereavement leave for employees who lose their pets

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Here at Wamiz, employees will have a paid day off to begin mourning an animal

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For many pet owners, their world collapses when their furry best friend dies. In order to be able to process the loss, Wamiz had a very personal and thoughtful idea.

By Emilie Heyl

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Our dogs and cats are now considered as real members of our family. And when we have to say goodbye it is always a heartbreaking moment.

The sadness of losing a pet is often misunderstood by companies. However, the death of an animal causes great grief to an owner. Wamiz has decided to grant a paid day off to employees who are grieving the loss of a dog or a cat.

Employees with their pet from Wamiz
Wamiz's employees with their beloved pets © Wamiz

The death of an animal, an underestimated ordeal in companies

The death of a pet is a hardship for an owner. An experience that is often underestimated and far from being recognised in companies as it is difficult for people who don’t own or have owned a pet to understand how the death of an animal can cause a sharp pain for the owner.

The affiliation and the role of pets within a family have once again changed significantly in recent years. The loss of a pet is not easy for the owner to cope with and can even affect the whole family. Because pets are more than that, for many they are like a friend, for some like a child and for everyone, they are a family member. 

In fact, A Wamiz survey revealed that 89% of pet owners agree on the fact that it is as hard to lose a pet as it is a human loved one.

Coming back to work the day after a pet dies can be overwhelming.

This matter however, has been talked about already in some parts of the world. Indeed, recently, Alejandro Carlos Chacón, member of the Colombian House of Representatives presented a bill that would allow employees to obtain two days of paid leave in the event of the death of a dog or a cat.

"Support all our employees at our humble level" 

Adrien Ducousset and Adrien Magdelaine, the founders of Wamiz, have decided to grant a day off to employees confronted with the loss of an animal. "At Wamiz, more than one in two employees own a dog, a cat or both! (…) We experience the strong bond that exists between humans and animals on a daily basis (…) It seems normal to us to support all of our employees facing this ordeal at our humble level”specifies Adrien Ducousset, co-founder. 

A "break" which will allow the employee concerned to begin their period of mourning.

This initiative is of course very well received by the animal-loving employees at Wamiz, as Clarisse, Head of Communication, confirms:

My dog ​​is already 10 years old and I think and hope that she will have a few more years to live. But when I was still working for another company, my first dog died. I was devastated and the next morning I didn't dare to tell my boss the reason for my tears. I lied and said it was a family reason because I was worried that I would be made fun of or that I would not be understood. I appreciate that if the worst comes to the worst, we have the opportunity to take this day of mourning so that we don't have to burst into tears in front of everyone at work and take the time to realise the loss and grieve. With Wamiz it's completely different, this pain is not underestimated here."

Wamiz, a pet friendly company

The well-being of the employees, but also of their pets, is one of the main focus here at Wamiz. Since we are aware of the close bond between pet and owner, the team is allowed to bring their dogs to work according to the “Pets At Work” principle.

On the one hand the dogs are less alone and on the other hand they are a real moral support for the owner, but also for the colleagues. So it seems obvious that a company like Wamiz should offer its employees who lose an animal friend a day of mourning.

Wamiz Team
The Wamiz Team ©Wamiz
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