Dog day care owner offers solution for pets who are nervous about fireworks

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This doggy day care has taken the initiative to help dogs who are firework-nervous by offering them a welcome distraction from the 5th to the 7th of November.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/10/2021, 21:00

While some dogs are completely unphased by fireworks, others can be very nervous about them. 

Due to their sensitive hearing, the booms can sound very loud to them, and the vibrations caused by the fireworks can also be alarming to them.

Dogs and fireworks

For the owners of these dogs, the 5th of November and the days following are a nightmare. Some dogs hide and shiver all evening, while some go as far as being sick, escaping their homes, or seriously injuring themselves in a state of panic.

While it is recommended to draw your curtains and turn on the TV on the 5th of November, these small distractions are often not enough to keep the most nervous of dogs calm. 

Firework noise distraction

Luckily for them, Joe Honeyman, owner of K9 Kollege, has come up with a fantastic idea. From 4pm to 11pm on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of November, he will be hosting firework noise distraction parties at his doggy day care in Swansea.

"We'll have the shutters down [at K9 Kollege], lights on, disco music playing and play equipment, agility equipment and lots of distractions.The cafe will be open and people [owners] can bring their own bottle. There will also be bacon bubbles - these are special bubbles as normal bubbles are toxic for dogs, but these bubbles are non-toxic and smell and taste of bacon!"

With everything exciting going on for the dogs, we’re sure they won’t even realise the fireworks going off outside! What a great initiative!