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101-year-old granny lost her cat: Family has a brilliant idea to help her overcome her grief

Old person stroking a cat cat-happy © Humane Society of Catawba County - Facebook

When Penny's cat died, she couldn't bring herself to be left alone.

By Emilie Heyl

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Penny, a 101-year-old lady, had just lost her cat. Her family did all they could to help her get through this terrible ordeal. They gave her a stuffed toy cat to help ease her grief.


His grief was immense

But Penny wasn't comforted by the stuffed animal, as it didn't purr like her late companion. 

Penny's family decided to contact the Humane Society of Catawba County shelter to ask if they didn't have an elderly cat for their grandmother.

Fortunately, luck does things well! 

Gus, a 19-year-old tomcat, had just been entrusted to the good care of the refuge, because his former owner could no longer take care of him for professional reasons. 

His owner was heartbroken and so was the tomcat, having known the same family for 19 years. 

The two were made to get along

The charity took Gus in and gave him health exams. They were able to observe that at 19 years old, Gus had exceptional health. 

However, living in a shelter is not ideal, especially at his age. So the shelter’s volunteers immediately thought that Penny and Gus were meant for each other.

Not only could Penny enjoy having another cat to love, Gus could also have fun watching the squirrels from inside his new home!

The shelter posted a message on their Facebook page to indicate how happy they were for the two companions to have found each other!

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