When dog sees what film is on TV, he runs to hide behind the sofa

golden retriever watching tv and hiding behind sofa dog-happy © swu4352 - TikTok

We all know what it’s like to feel uneasy while watching a scary movie. Or a movie with a character we strongly dislike. Well, it looks like dogs know that feeling too.

By Justine Seraphin

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A video of a Golden Retriever is currently going viral on internet.


Golden Retriever watches Star Wars

The video shows the dog watching Star Wars with his owner on the sofa. The dog’s not just sitting there, enjoying a cuddle while his owner watches – he’s really watching, taking the whole film in.

But then there’s a scene that just proves too much for the dog. Darth Vader enters the scene, wearing his black cape and mask, ever so intimidatingly.

Dog afraid of Darth Vader

That’s when the Golden Retriever seems to say “Ok I’m out!”, as he scurries off the sofa and cowers away behind it. The most hilarious part of the video is that the dog refuses to lose eye contact with Darth Vader, and keeps watching the movie despite his nervousness. Sometimes movies are just so good that you can’t stop watching, even when you know you probably should.

We’re guessing this pup isn’t much of a guard dog, but one thing’s for sure: He keeps his owners entertained every day!

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