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Man notices one detail while looking at neighbour's cats, he rushes to his phone

Two black cats on a roof cat-sad © Fuzixuan - Unsplash

Neighbour noticed something wasn’t right and called a charity immediately. Result: 133 suffering cats were rescued from a Baltimore home.

By Emilie Heyl

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According to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Baltimore city pound officers attended a house that was reported by a neighbour. 


They had a shock when they arrived

Worried about the number of cats he saw coming and going, a neighbour decided to make a call to the pound. According to this neighbour's estimate, officers expected to find around 90 cats inside the house.

Instead, they were stunned to find that residents were living with 133 cats in unsanitary conditions.

The owners were overwhelmed. Trying to maintain enough litter boxes and clean space for 133 cats is impossible in a space as small as this house.

After speaking with the owners, the agents and shelter staff agreed that the best thing to do was to remove the cats and bring them to the shelter.

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The charity needs donations 

According to the shelter, many cats are expected to need "thorough medical attention." Fortunately, none of the cats were found dead.

Many cats have serious eye infections and need their eyes removed. 

Since the shelter was already caring for 247 cats before this rescue, the shelter has made a large appeal for donations to take care of needy cats.

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