Naughty cat leaves a whole city without power

Cat biting cable cat-wow
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The antics of a cat caused a power cut for more than half an hour throughout an entire city and ended up having serious consequences.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 13/10/2021, 09:00

On October 4, in the morning, the inhabitants of Salta city, in Argentina, woke up to find that there was no power. This power cut, which affected the entire city, lasted about 35 minutes, according to local media.


Who did that?

Edesa, the company in charge of the electricity supply in that area, reported that the power cut that plunged the city into darkness was due to a failure at the Salta Sur Transformer Station. 

"The failure occurred in a medium voltage cell due to the entry of a cat that made contact with this installation and caused a ground contact that unleashed a discharge and output of the equipment," explained the Edesa spokesperson. "It is not a frequent or habitual episode, but it does happen in facilities that are large," he said.

Although this area is protected so that animals do not enter, we already know that it is difficult to stop cats when they want to go somewhere.

A real tragedy

What could have been a curious anecdote, however, turned into a tragic episode, since the electric shock caused by the mischievous kitten was too strong and took his life, according to the local report Salta.

Worse still, when the media shared this information on its social networks, a local woman indicated that her partner worked in that company and that apparently the kitten had recently given birth.

The couple are taking care of the three little kittens who were orphaned after the accident and are looking for a cat who can act as a surrogate mother until the little ones are self-sufficient, as they are extremely young.

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