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Soldier who left his adopted dog in Afghanistan returns home, family has a surprise in store

Soldier holding puppy dog-happy © PEPPERSMINT - Shutterstock

Captain Ferraro thought he’d surprise his family by coming home earlier than expected. He was far from expecting that his family also had a surprise for him.

By Emilie Heyl

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An American soldier adopted a three legged dog while on a mission in Afghanistan. Captain Ferraro was due to complete his deployment in 2 months, but the process of withdrawing US troops from Afghan territory hastened his return home. 

The soldier wanted to surprise his family, so he hadn’t announced that he would come home earlier than expected. Little did he know, his family also had a surprise in store for him.


A miraculous reunion 

When Captain Ferraro went to Afghanistan, he met a three legged dog and both became friends. He decided to name the dog Pagunda. 

When the Captain’s mum heard about her son’s and his best friend Pagunda’s story, she couldn’t help but to do everything she possibly could to bring the dog back to America. She contacted the Nowzad organisation, which takes in stray animals in Afghanistan and then finds them families, and mostly soldiers. The Captain’s mum had arranged everything without her son knowing.

When Ferraro returned home his huge surprise was waiting there for him. “Pagunda was there at the door wagging her tail” said Ferraro. He continues: “I just lost all my resources, it was great [...]”.

Dogs are of tremendous comfort for soldiers

According to Nowzad, the circumstances in which the dog lost a paw are unclear. She was allegedly the victim of either a road accident or the explosion of a bomb.

Like many other pets taken in by the military in Afghanistan and anywhere else in the world, Pagunda was such a great support for Ferraro during his deployment.

The man was so pleased to have his best friend by his side again and he is really looking forward to spending a lot more time with her.

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