Do cats remember how they were worshipped in ancient Egypt? Popular Tik Tok trend proves it!

Cat in Egypt cat-wow
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Some cats seem to remember how they were worshiped in ancient Egypt! And this new TikTok trend just proves how our feline friends haven’t forgotten that.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 05/10/2021, 21:00

To date, cats are among the most popular pets on the Internet, but a current trend on social media is taking them back in time.

This new trend, which you’ll be able to see on Tiktok, shows videos of cats who react to an ancient Egyptian sound. an era when they were more than just pets: ancient Egypt, a period of divine adoration!


On Tiktok, cats appear to become Egyptians

The concept? A cat owner plays music which is supposed to remind them of who they were worshipped in ancient Egypt. You’ll get to witness how these felines react and we must say, it’s so fascinating! The cat seems hypnotised by the sound of the music.

This trend on TikTok seems to have started in August, when a user posted a clip featuring the sound of an ancient Egyptian flute called Ney. The clip was very successful and other users have since picked up that tune, some of whom have paired it with their feline friend.

Recently, TikTok user @ crazycris94 garnered over five million likes with her video of her kitty being fascinated by the sound as she listens intently to the melody. His ears prick up, his pupils open up widely and then he completely freezes, staring intently at the camera.

The Maine Coon cat, who belongs to the user Tiktok @boleshuli, is aesthetically compared to a god. In the slow-motion video, the feline stares deeply at the camera, while its thick, long fur is blown by the wind.

"I think my cat is still an ancient god," the user wrote.

This trend might suggest that cats were once adored, but this is not entirely true.

Were cats really worshipped in Ancient Egypt?

According to historians, cats were highly prized in ancient Egypt, and gods were sometimes believed to embody felines, but animals weren't properly worshiped.

Indeed, cats chased away unwanted and dangerous animals such as snakes and scorpions, and were often depicted on tomb walls.

Furthermore, in ancient Egypt, the cat was the symbol of the goddess Bastet, the daughter of Ra and Isis, who were depicted with the appearance of a domestic cat.