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Before and after: Dog found in garbage bag transforms completely post-rescue

shih tzu laying down in black garbage bag dog-happy © LITTLE PAWS - YouTube

To us, it’s difficult to understand how some people can treat their pets so badly. Making the decision that you can no longer care for them? Fine. But abandoning them like this…

By Justine Seraphin

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Annabelle the Shih-Tzu was found behind a church in Virginia a couple of years ago. She had been stuffed into a garbage bag and discarded like trash. 


Abandoned Shih-Tzu found in terrible conditions 

The poor dog was clearly suffering from a severe skin infection, with most of her hair missing. She also suffered from an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and dental issues. These problems were not recent – poor Annabelle had probably suffered with them for months without receiving any care from her owner.

Thankfully, the vets knew exactly what to do. They started Annabelle on an antibiotic treatment, and shelter staff showered her with love and attention.

TLC helps naked dog’s coat grow back

Despite everything she had been through, Annabelle remained ever the kind and gentle dog. And within just a few weeks, her coat started to grow back!

Now Annabelle has found a new lease of life, and most importantly, a new forever home. She is loved and spoiled every day by her new mama, and is even lucky enough to share her home with a Shih-Tzu brother! What a turn-around for this beautiful girl.

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