Does your dog wear the right collar? If not, you could face a £5,000 fine

brittany spaniel wearing a collar with a tag dog-wow © Patty's Photography - Shutterstock

It’s not a new rule (in fact, it's almost 30 years old!), but people are only now realising that it exists. And not respecting it could land you a very hefty fine.

By Justine Seraphin

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If you own dogs, you probably know by now that microchipping them is required by law. But did you know that tagging them is also mandatory?


Collar and harness requirements

According to the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs must wear a tag on their harness or collar when they are out. The tag must contain the owner’s information, including name, address, and postcode. 

Failure to place a tag on your dog’s collar or harness is punishable by a £5,000 fine or more. This may, however, depend on the law enforcement persons you run into. In 2018, a dog owner was fined no more than £130 for this very offence.

Dog tags

While it’s a little-known law, it’s very important that dog owners follow it! Not only to avoid a fine, but to protect their pets and increase the chances of finding them in case of theft or loss. 

So if your dog doesn’t have one yet, you better get shopping!

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