Stolen puppy avenged by Midlands Police after they spot dognapper’s car

police car on highway dog-serious © Brian A Jackson - Shutterstock

It’s been a sad side effect of the pandemic – the demand for dogs and puppies has soared upwards, and as a consequence, so has dog theft.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few days ago, the Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team made an exciting announcement on their Twitter account.


Dognapper caught

Following a series of dog thefts in the Midlands region, the Midlands Police has been on the lookout for a serial dognapper. And it seems they have found their guy.

Just a couple of days ago, the Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team announced that after a “tactical pursuit”, they were able to successfully contain the vehicle of a man suspected of dog theft. He was later arrested.

Unfortunately, pets are still considered “property” in the UK, and the punishment of dog thieves often does not fit the crime. However, this may soon change, considering the current circumstances.

Stolen dog looking for owners

Along with this arrest, a beautiful black Cocker Spaniel was found. She is believed to have been stolen in May or June, and police are making an appeal to try and reunite her with her family.

We hope there will be a happy ending for this lucky pup!

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