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Mum sees family Pitbull grab baby by the diaper and starts to run

Pit Bull with baby dog-wow © FOX 28 Columbus - Facebook

A mother of three children has experienced a stressful event. Fortunately, the situation was brought under control.

By Emilie Heyl

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The event took place on the night of June 3, 2018 in Stockton, California. It was a nice evening therefore a mother decided to gather in her yard with her family and their dog, Sasha, an 8 month old female Pit bull. All seemed to go well, until Sasha started to move restlessly, just a little before midnight. The Pit bull looked nervous and started barking.

An unusual behaviour that immediately surprised his family.

Sasha the Pit bull saved her family’s life

Nana Chaichanhda opened the door of her house to see why her dog was howling and behaving in such a strange way. At the same moment, the dog ran into the bedroom where a seven month old baby was sleeping.

When I walked into the bedroom, Sasha had already grabbed the baby by the diaper and dragged her out of the bed,” told the baby’s mum to KCRA.

This is where Nana understood that a fire was ravaging her house. It was for this reason that the dog was so nervous.

In no time, the whole family's house was destroyed by the fire. But the good news is that thanks to Sasha, the whole family was safe and sound. And this is undoubtedly the most important.

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