Watch: Irish women's cricket match interrupted by a dog running on the pitch

Dog running on cricket match dog-happy © Ireland Women’s Cricket - Twitter

This dog is definitely an all-rounder! Hopefully thanks to this viral video he will get noticed by a coach and this will be the start of his career.

By Emilie Heyl

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In Ireland, last Saturday an important cricket match was happening. It was the semi-finale of the All-Ireland Women’s T20 Cup between Bready and Civil Service North. Fans were cheering their respected teams and the pressure was definitely on. Among the cricket fans was a dog, yes, you read that well, there was a dog fan of cricket present at the match. 


A fan who wanted to play cricket too

The dog was such a fan that he decided he wanted to play cricket too. So, he interrupted the women's cricket match, and stole the ball. The players and commentators couldn’t believe what was happening and they were laughing so much.

The furry fan flew onto the pitch in the middle of the game, sweeping the ball as a player tried to line it up.

We can hear one commentator say: "Oh! The dog has the ball!” before he and his colleague burst out laughing.

The dog managed to grab the ball

This cheeky dog was attached with his leash but he still managed to escape his owner and run across the field as the players chased him. But then, a young man who appeared to be the dog’s owner rushed after the puppy, who eventually stopped near the wicket.

The video, tweeted by Ireland Women's Cricket, has been viewed over 3 million times.

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