Man finds his lost dog in a field and laughs when he sees that he is not alone (Video)

Field with animals running dog-happy

Bo is an adorable black dog who adores his family but also loves to go on adventures. And one thing is for sure, he always manages to make his family laugh.

By Emilie Heyl

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One night, Bo decided to go on a night ride with three new friends. That made Bo’s family laugh a lot, and well, they are not ready to forget Bo’s nightlife adventure.

So Bo, what have you been up to this time?

An adventure like no other

A few years ago, at night, Bo decided to go explore the fields around his owners' house in Kansas. Obviously, the little adventurer did not warn anyone before leaving. Quickly, his family got so worried when they saw that their dog was nowhere to be seen. 

Fortunately, the next day Bo's family received a call saying that a dog matching Bo’s description had been seen in the fields 6 miles away. Immediately, his owner took the car to pick him up. It was there that he witnessed a particularly strange sight. 

Bo wasn’t the only one running in the fields. He had found two new friends: a goat named Ozzy and a dog named Libby who belong to the neighbours! The trio were having so much fun running in the fields. 

It's hard to say who had the crazy idea of a night gateway between the goat or the two dogs, but everyone was driven home by car and in good condition.

This is the kind of story you tell your family over a meal and no one believes.

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