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A woman threw her dog out the window: her explanation shocked the police

Building with flats dog-angry © Tupungato - Shutterstock

A 47-year-old woman threw her dog out of the window and her explanation is horrific. The police are still in shock.

By Emilie Heyl

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At the end of July, the police in Silesia (Poland) received an emergency call in. A person explained that on the ground in front of their building, layed a dog that had just been thrown out of the window.

The police could waste any minute and arrived at the scene. They began an operation that mobilised veterinarians, neighbours and witnesses.

According to various testimonies, someone had thrown their dog out of the window of their house, specifically from the second floor.


Who’s guilty?

A 47-year-old woman from Bytom was arrested. When questioned by the police, the owner of the animal assured that she was responsible for that violent act and gave an excuse that left the police in shock: she could no longer bear the barking of her dog.

perro lanzado por la ventana
The dog is still recovering from the trauma © Police de Silésie

Fortunately, the animal is in good health after being examined by a veterinarian, and he is gradually recovering with an animal protection charity.

According to the police testimony, the dog will not return to its owner and will be put up for adoption when he is fully recovered.

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