Watch: Shih Tzu dog asks her owner to play in the most original way ever!

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Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Well, this cute Shih Tzu definitely knows how to speak and her owner has no choice but to listen.

By Emilie Heyl

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A Tik Tok video of a dog continuously asking her owner to play has gone viral. So far, it seems normal right that a dog would insist on playing? Well, this little chap has her own way of asking, she uses a communication board. How cool is that? 

In this short clip, viewed by millions of people, you will see how clever this Shi Tzu is. She knows exactly what she wants and she doesn’t hesitate to let her owner know.


“I want to play”!

Miso, the Shih Tzu dog, is never tired of playing. In this short and cute clip, you see her calling her dad using the communication board. How does it work? The dog learns words and then pressed the buttons on the communication board which correspond to the word. So for example, for the word “Dad” it could possibly be the red button that the dog had to push.

Sadly, Miso’s dad isn’t there to play with her, and you hear her whining about it. Therefore, she asks her mum to enter the living room. The Japanese dog is patiently sitting on a rug in front of a multicoloured keyboard on the floor.

Miso’s mum asks again what she wants, and there, Miso, trots over to a yellow button and we hear the word “Play”. In response to the dog's request, the owner says: "Miso, we've played so much this morning, look. All your toys are still on the floor! Play all done."

Miso won’t take no for an answer

While the camera scans around the floor to show all of the dog toys spread across the living room, Miso, looking so adorable, starts wagging her tail in hope that her owner will give her some attention.

Sadly, Miso’s mum couldn’t play with her anymore, she had to work. Quickly realising that play time was over, Miso begins to bark and jump on her owner’s legs. She was so upset that, after filming this hilarious reaction, Miso went back to her communication board, pressed the “Sit” button and sat there on her own, probably sulking.

The video of Miso has been viewed over 10.4 million times and had 1.3 million likes. Thousands of people commented on this adorable footage, one said: “I would lose my job and play” - Yeah we would as well!

Little tip: Put the sound on when watching this video, the comments are hilarious!

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