Heartwarming video of paralysed dog rushing to welcome soldier dad

Paralysed dog welcoming soldier dad dog-happy
© Melissa Swanson - Youtube

Watching videos of dogs welcoming their soldier mums and dads coming home always brings a tear to our eyes. And this one you are about to see is no different.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 14/09/2021, 11:00

Here at Wamiz, we love watching emotional videos, and the one we are about to show you is somehow very special. 

You’ve probably seen many videos of dogs welcoming their soldier mums and dads, and the excitement the dogs show when they see their mums and dogs is just heartwarming. So, imagine how you are going to feel when you see this video of a paralysed Pit Bull who welcomes her soldier dad home? Get your tissues ready, we’ve already shed a tear or two…


Emma the Pit Bull welcomes her dad

The paralysed Pit Bull called Emma was born with a birth defect which caused her to have a hard time walking. Before her dad was deployed, Emma was adopted by her foster family. The Pit Bull is still under medical care. When people asked why the dog doesn’t have a wheelchair, her parents said she has several but refuses to use any of them. She just enjoys her life even though she’s a little different than the other dogs. 

The day Emma’s dad had to leave, she was heartbroken (the dad as well). When her mum would come home, Emma would always wait by the end of the corridor for someone to pick her up. But that day, that special day, Emma’s dad came home! And instead of waiting by the end of the corridor, Emma rang as fast as she could to welcome her dad. 

It’s such a sweet reunion!

Sadly, Emma died last year of a brain tumor. But when we saw this video, we could see how special and lovely Emma was.