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Package left on the street: People are speechless when they see what is inside

Three boxes on the street cat-sad © theshots.co - Shutterstock

From a distance, a man sees someone on the streets that looks like a sealed box. As he approaches to figure out what's inside, he can’t believe his eyes.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

In 2019, in France, in Joinville-le-Pont, a town not far from Paris, a man saw someone place a large and sealed box into a recycling container, where people can leave things they no longer need.

The man knew something wasn’t right with this box, so he decided to check it out, and well.. it’s a good thing he did.


A terrible abandon

Curious to understand what was in the box, the man tears off the tape and finds a sweet black and white kitten. Because he didn’t find what he was expecting, the man decided to leave the box in the recycling container and leave. Fortunately, he did not completely close the box and the cat managed to climb out.

An exemplary rescue

When passersby saw the cat, they all tried to rescue the kitten, but the feline was too scared and did not let anyone take him. Determined to get the kitten out, passersby posted a message on a Facebook page to get help from experts.

As soon as The Pattes en cavale 94 charity saw the message, they did not hesitate for a moment and tried to retrieve the kitten.

The volunteers of The Pattes en cavale 94 managed to save the little kitten in a short time and brought the cat to their shelter to feed him and care for him. Once he got back in shape he was adopted and received all the love he needed.

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