German Shepherd gives birth, but one of the puppies is out of this world!

German shepherd with puppies dog-happy
© Symbolbild: FetViewRoom - Shutterstock

What a huge surprise! Among the six puppies a German Shepherd gave birth too, there is one that looks very different from the others.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 10/09/2021, 18:00

In February 2019, a German Shepherd named Reba, was found by the charity Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue from Florida. She was pregnant and alone, so the charity didn’t even think twice, they took her in.

She was placed in a loving foster family in Clearwater where she could give birth to her puppies in peace.


Exceptional litter

Two days after her arrival in her foster family, Reba gave birth to six cute and healthy puppies. But one of them was a little different from the others: it was green!

While giving birth to green pups is unusual, it can still happen. The colour is caused by a mix of the green galena and the amniotic fluid in the mother's abdomen.

The puppy was named Clover because of its unusual colouring. Of course, it won't stay green forever. After a few days, the little one can no longer be distinguished from his siblings. Reba turns out to be a wonderful mother.

The family is now enjoying the time they can spend together until the pups are ready to be adopted.