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Employees from a recycling center see a shadow in a recycling tank and decide to act fast

Recycling tanks cat-angry

An absolutely unacceptable situation took place in a recycling center in a French town in Loire Atlantique near Ille et Vilaine.

By Emilie Heyl

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A few days ago, the “Mustaches et Compagnie” charity posted a particularly revolting message on their Facebook page. Fortunately, all ends well in this gloomy story.

It could have been a normal day for these employees working in a recycling center, but things turned out differently when they spotted something small in a recycling tank for frying oils.

A cat plunged into a recycling tank for frying oils

It all started when the waste collection center employees noticed the presence of a little kitten in a frying oil recycling tank. Immediately, everyone got into action to save the life of this stray cat who was destined to a certain death. 

A human chain was then set up with one employee who took the cat out of the tank to clean it, another employee who contacted the charity for the kitten to be taken care of, and a last person who accompanied the cat to the nearest vet.

A life still in danger

24 hours after being taken care of by the veterinarian, the little cat is unfortunately not yet fully recovered because she inhaled a lot of cooking oil and developed pneumonia.

Fortunately, everyone is taking good care of her now.

But despite this rapid intervention, the charity was furious because this little cat was voluntarily immersed in this tank. If we are to believe the employees of the recycling center this is unfortunately not that rare.

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