Man sees something strange under car: When he realises what it is, he rushes over

dog tail hanging out of truck dog-wow

Some dogs just hate thunder. Much like fireworks, the noise and vibrations can cause them to feel a huge amount of stress. It's no surprise they try to hide away from it.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 14/09/2021, 21:00

Albus the Golden Retriever HATES thunder. 

So when he hears even just one rumble – he runs away to hide.

Golden Retriever mysteriously disappears

About a month ago, Albus’ parents were looking for their dog EVERYWHERE. They started to get a little worried as they couldn’t find him anywhere on their farm. 

And then they remembered – they had just heard a loud roar of thunder. Albus was probably hiding somewhere.

Dog scared of thunder finds the perfect place to hide

Suddenly, Albus’ dad spotted a fluffy tail wagging under his truck. As he walked over and bent down, he realised that Albus had tucked himself right up underneath the vehicle and above the ground – the perfect place to hide from the thunderstorm that was approaching.

The scene was of course, comical, but Albus’ tried to coax him down anyway. But, Albus seemed pretty happy with his secret hiding place! He wagged and wagged his tail at his dad but showed no signs of wanting to budge.

Though the video ends there, we’re sure that Albus’ parents ended up convincing him to come on out. After all, it’s better to hide from a storm inside the house with your family than under a car!