Cats and dogs from Pen Farthing’s Nowzad charity soon up for adoption

mixed breed dog on white floor dog-happy © Nowzad - Facebook

After a risky trip from their shelter location in Kabul to the airport and then to the UK, all 170 cats and dogs from the Nowzad charity are now out of Afghanistan safe and sound.

By Justine Seraphin

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The animals who flew from Kabul are now residing in quarantine kennels all across the UK. 

Indeed, the government requires animals to be vaccinated against rabies, have a pet passport and a microchip when travelling to the UK. Since Nowzad’s animals travelled in such a rushed manner, there wasn’t necessarily time for them to meet these requirements – which is why they now have to quarantine for up to 4 months.

Popular pets

Despite having to be in kennels for such a long time, Pen and his supporters know that these dogs and cats won’t struggle to find homes. There’s already a huge amount of interest in them – in fact, they may be the most popular animals on the planet right now! 

However, Pen and his team are going to be very meticulous when looking at adopters as they want to make sure that they find the perfect home for every one of their animals. 

Can I adopt one of Nowzad’s animals?

So if you’re interested in one of these pets, just be aware that you’ll have a lot of competition, and it won’t be first come first serve! But remember, there are thousands of other adoptable pets around the UK! Sure, they might not be as famous, but they need homes just as much as the Nowzad animals do.

While everyone is obviously excited about Nowzad’s animals, Pen reminds his followers that only half of Operation Ark is complete. He is still determined to get his staff members and their families out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. He’ll need continued support from animal lovers across the world to make this possible!

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