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When people saw this adoptable dog's eyes, they refused to give her a chance

vet nurse holding boston terrier's two front legs dog-wow © tessvetnurse - TikTok

Uniqueness makes us beautiful, right? Well, unfortunately, some people don’t embrace difference. And that’s why no-one took an interest in Daphne the Boston Terrier.

By Justine Seraphin

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Daphne the Boston Terrier had a hard time at the dog shelter.

People kept overlooking her because of her eyes. 

Boston Terrier with different eyes

Boston Terriers usually have brown eyes, but Daphne has light blue eyes! While this gives her a piercing, stunning look, many potential adopters turned away from her because they thought this was indicative of a health problem. 

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When shelter staff assured them that she was perfectly healthy, they still chose other dogs, thinking Daphne would surely become blind later on.

Perfect adopter comes along

All hope seemed to be lost for poor Daphne, until the perfect adopter came along. When veterinary technician Tess met Daphne, she didn’t see a problem dog – she saw a perfectly happy, healthy dog. She took Daphne home with her, and guess what? Daphne is as beautiful as ever and is still as healthy as a horse!

Daphne goes to work with her mum every day and meets plenty of dog friends! But her favourite thing ever is to spend time with her mum – the one person who gave her a chance.

We don’t know how anyone ever turned this baby down, she’s gorgeous!

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