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Neighbour sees cat outside her apartment: The truth sends shivers down her spine

white cat in blue cat carrier cat-sad

Some humans really shouldn’t be allowed to own animals. This cat owner evidently put his comfort before his animal’s welfare – a shocking behaviour.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the , Updated on the

About a month ago, a woman in Paris walked out of her apartment and into the hallway of the building.

There, she found something that shocked her to her very core.

Cat abandoned in apartment building hallway

A white cat was sitting in an open crate, where he had been left alone along with his litter box and two bowls: One filled with food and the other with water. 

Though she didn’t want to believe it, the woman knew exactly what had happened. Someone had decided to go on vacation, thought the cat was an inconvenience, and decided to leave him behind. 

Animal rescues overwhelmed 

After a local animal rescue came to pick up the poor cat, they posted a devastating message on their Facebook page, saying:

“Tonight, a human being has once again shown their courage and humanity. 
Because they probably didn’t want to pay the adoption fees that a rescue requires
Because the small rescues are saturated and the foster homes are full
Because they didn’t want to pay someone to take care of their animal while they went on vacation…”

This is the sad reality for thousands of pets in Europe, particularly during the summer, and particularly in France. 

The cat is thankfully now in the rescue’s care, and waiting for a foster home to be ready to take him in. We hope he gets the happy ending he deserves.

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