Iconic Balmoral photos hide sad truth about Diana, Charles, and Harvey the dog

Diana, Charles, and Harvey the Labrador walking in Scotland dog-wow
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Lady Diana, the People’s Princess, will be in our hearts forever. Today, 31st of August 2021, fans commemorate the 24th anniversary of her tragic passing.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 31/08/2021, 11:00

24 years ago, in the middle of the night, a tragic car accident took place in Paris – changing the world forever. 

Diana may have passed away, but she lives in our hearts forever. And though we might’ve thought we knew everything about her, it seems every year we learn a little more.


Diana had a passion for animals

Diana was always fascinated by animals. She had many growing up, including rabbits and hamsters – though she never owned a dog of her own.

Of course, once she joined the Royal Family, she was often surrounded by dogs – be it the Queen’s Corgis or Charles’ Labradors

Diana and Harvey the Labrador

Unfortunately, her relationship with dogs was complicated. Though she loved dogs in general, and was often pictured with pups at her heels or on her lap, Diana wasn’t fond of Charles’ dogs. Indeed, several sources have confirmed over the years that she despised anything that tied Charles to his past life, including Harvey, a yellow Lab who, according to her, also had quite a strong odour. Charles ended up rehoming the dog with a friend.

This aside, Diana loved dogs and had always dreamed of having one of her own. In fact, in the summer before she passed away, she had planned to purchase a black Labrador of her own. As dog lovers, we know how much love and comfort this sweet animal would’ve brought Lady Di. 

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Though Diana was never able to fulfil her dream of becoming a dog owner, she did pass on her love of animals to her sons. Both William and Harry are proud dog dads today. William owns a Spaniel and Harry owns a couple of dogs – a Beagle and a Lab to be precise.

Our thoughts are with Diana’s family on this sad day.