Owner can't hold back the tears when she sees what trash collectors gave her dog

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Random acts of kindness are what make the world go around. This dog owner certainly felt moved when the trash collectors in her neighbourhood did something special for her dog.

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Lucky the dog hasn’t always been best friends with the trash collectors. In fact, in the beginning, she was a little afraid of them and their big truck.

But over time, she started getting used to them. Of course, the fact that they gave her pets and fed her treats certainly helped convince her that they were good people.

Dog becomes best friends with trash collectors

In fact, Lucky started loving the weekly visits from the trash collectors! She would run up to them and demand cuddles. So much so that the trash collectors started looking forward to their visits to Lucky’s house too.

And while Lucky’s owner was aware of this special relationship, she did not know how much her dog meant to the kind men. Until Christmas 2018.

Thoughtful Christmas gift for neighbourhood dog

Indeed, the two trash collectors, Orlando Ippolito and Otis Williams, gave Lucky a very special Christmas gift! It was a hand-painted ceramic medallion with the name “Lucky” written on it. It came with an adorable card which was signed by Otis and Orlando themselves.

Lucky’s owner, Bobbe Kutcha, was extremely moved by the gesture. Yet, the trash collectors said it came naturally to them, since they enjoyed Lucky’s presence so much. When interviewed, Orlando said:

“I [was] always taught when I was young that if you’re nice to somebody, they’ll be nice to somebody, and then it will pass on, and everybody will be nice to each other.” 

Beautiful words of wisdom that everyone should live by if you ask us!

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