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Woman falls in love with shelter dog after discovering her very unique feature

brown pitbull smiling dog-happy © theladyshortcake - Instagram

It can be hard for Pitbulls in shelters to find forever homes. Unfortunately, they suffer from a pretty bad rep. Yet, most of them are just like Shortcake: Friendly and adorable. 

By Justine Seraphin

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When Shortcake was rescued a few years ago in Fresno, California, she was a mange-ridden, sickly stray.

The poor pup’s scaley skin smelled like it hadn’t been cared for for many months. Yet, despite the discomfort she must’ve been feeling, she greeted her rescuers with a wide smile and waggly tail. 


Pitbull has the most contagious smile

After spending a few weeks recovering at the shelter, Shortcake was noticed by a woman named Amy Matsushima. The first thing she saw when she laid eyes on the Pitbull was Shortcake’s most obvious and adorable feature: Her smile!

Amy knew right then and there that she wanted to see that smile every single day! She promptly signed the adoption papers and took Shortcake home.

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A new and better life

Now Shortcake spends her days lounging on the sofa, eating treats, playing with new toys, and loving on her mama. That’s a drastic change from the life she used to have! 

And with that contagious smile of hers, Shortcake has also gained quite a following on social media. In fact, she’s almost up to 200,000 followers! Keep up the good work Shortcake – you are living proof that you can achieve great things, even if you start from the bottom!

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