Rescuers save neglected dog and can't believe the owner's reaction

matted shih tzu standing in grass dog-angry

It’s hard for many of us to understand how a dog owner can neglect their pet. Thankfully, there are caring professionals who make it their mission to save neglected animals.

By Justine Seraphin

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About three months ago, a rescue in Poland got a call about a neglected dog which was living on a property about an hour away.

Rescuers got in their car and drove to the property – but nothing could’ve prepared them for what they found on site. 

Neglected dog living outside

A small black dog was living outside; tied to a chain and hooked up to a poorly insulated dog house. It’s breed was unrecognisable due to the heavy matting of the coat. The animal’s fur had clearly been dragged around in the mud and in its faeces for quite some time.

Rescuers knew they had to save the poor lad. They knocked and knocked on the door, but no-one answered. It wasn’t until the police got involved that the dog’s owner finally stepped out. 

Owner’s reaction leaves rescuers shocked

When the rescue explained that they were going to seize his dog due to the level of neglect that had been inflicted on him, the owner started to protest. He didn’t see any problem with the way he treated his dog – even though the poor animal had apparently been chained up his whole life.

When the owner finally accepted that his dog would be seized, he grabbed the animal by the dreadlocks on his back and threw him into the trunk of the rescue’s van.

A new beginning

At the shelter, the calm and affectionate dog was shaved. It was discovered that he had a large tumour on his chest and many dental problems. Thankfully, with a little surgery, all of these health issues could be fixed.

The Shih-Tzu is now in a foster home and thanks to his loving disposition, we are sure he will soon find his forever family.

The rescue has pressed charges against his previous owner. 

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