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Watch: Dog's innocent idea quickly turns into a nightmare

Golden Retriever in kitchen dog-wow © FOX 2 Detroit - Youtube

One morning, Richard left his home in Michigan to take his children to school, and Finn, his Golden Retriever, had an idea which turned out to be a bad, very bad idea.

By Emilie Heyl

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The house surveillance camera captured everything. In the video, the family dog can be seen sniffing food left on the kitchen counter. He climbs up a few times but because he doesn't manage to grab anything, he decides to lie down in the living room, empty-handed.

A few seconds later, the fire alarm goes off…

A fire in the kitchen

It looks like, when Finn was standing up on the kitchen counter to look for food, he might have pressed on the gas button with his paws, without doing it on purpose.

When the alarm goes off, a second dog walks in the living room wondering what is going on. 

Suddenly another alarm goes off and you can see flames. 

The fire started very quickly 

Fortunately, the two dogs were no longer in the room when the flames appeared.

We can read in the video's caption that the two dogs were saved thanks to the security system which alerted the surveillance center, the firefighters and Richard, the owner of the animals. The firefighters were able to rescue all the animals in the house and put the fire out.

Members of the security system team will meet Richard's family and pets. The company has already pledged a $5,000 contribution to the fire department and will provide warning stickers to raise awareness of fires accidentally caused by pets.

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