Tom Daley reveals what he was knitting in the Olympic stands

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We all have coping mechanisms when it comes to stress. But Tom Daley’s technique is also practical – and bears incredibly cute results!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/08/2021, 10:10

Tom Daley recently won the gold medal for England in the diving competition at the Tokyo Olympics. But surprisingly, that’s not what made him go viral.

Indeed, Daley was later seen sitting in the stands at the women’s diving final. But the best part? He was knitting!


Tom Daley knits at the Olympic games

Turns out Daley uses knitting as a stress-reliever. It makes him feel calm when things get a little overwhelming – and we’re sure that the Olympic games can get that way sometimes…!

When the video of Daley knitting went viral, thousands of people all over the world started asking what he was knitting. And the Olympic champion didn’t disappoint.

Tom Daley’s French Bulldog

It turns out that Daley was knitting a jumper for his French Bulldog Izzy! He confirmed the information on his knitting account and on Izzy’s account, where the caption read:

“Sooo excited!! Did everyone catch #goldmedalist @tomdaley making my jumper at the @olympics?”

Not all dogs need sweaters, but it can get pretty chilly in the UK during the winter, and short-coated dogs such as Frenchies can get pretty uncomfortable. We know Izzy is going to appreciate this extra layer during the colder months. She is so lucky to have such a devoted dad! We can’t wait to see her wearing her new adorable attire!

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