Boris Johnson reveals he’s often worried about his dog’s behaviour

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We all have those moments as pet owners when we’re a little embarrassed...The important thing is to not take things too seriously – and that’s exactly what the PM is doing.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/07/2021, 18:00

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was visiting Surrey Police this weekend, and met an officer with his German Shepherd, Zorro.

Interacting with the dog, Johnson then asked his handler: “Do you have to worry about his romantic urges?”


PM’s dog Dilyn humps people’s legs

After the handler responded that Zorro was a good boy and didn’t, in fact, exercise his romantic urges on anyone, Boris Johnson went on to say: “my dog is endless…on people’s legs.”

Who knew Dilyn was such a romancer of human legs? Johnson chuckled and shook his head, perhaps a little embarrassed that he had to worry about his dog’s urges more than others seemed to.

Is it normal for dogs to hump?

Yet, Johnson is not alone! Lots of dog owners face this problem too, though of course, their dogs might not be in the spotlight as much as Dilyn is. 

But the fact is that humping is quite a natural behaviour, and often, it has nothing to do with “romantic urges”. It can often be a sign of dominance, overexcitement, or even a health issue. That’s why you may see fixed males or even females doing it.

Our recommendation for the PM? Get in touch with an animal behaviourist who can use positive reinforcement and redirecting to help curb the problem.

And meanwhile, we just hope Dilyn won’t get caught by the paparazzi…not sure his dad would be too pleased!

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