Owner sees dog is stuck behind the fence, then breaks out into laughter

golden retriever with nose between fence looking at tennis ball on the other side dog-happy

What would we ever do without dogs? They’re a constant source of entertainment, putting smiles on our faces in the darkest of times. This doggo certainly made our day!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 28/07/2021, 22:00

A dog owner recently shared a video of his Golden Retriever on TikTok – and the hilarious content quickly went viral.

The dog can be seen longingly staring at his tennis ball, which has unfortunately made its way to the other side of the fence, and out of the dog’s reach. Resigned, the dog lies down and pokes his nose through the fence, trying to get as close as possible to his beloved and unattainable ball. To top it all off, he wears a face of utter despair, as if he’d just lost the possibility of ever being happy in his life again.

A twist in the tail

The accompanying text reads: “This would be incredibly sad…if the gate wasn’t open.”

Yep, the owner then reveals that the gate is actually wide open! And to make matters worse, the opening is just a step or two from where the dog is lying down. 

Hilarious Golden Retriever video

This is definitely a face palm moment. If he only looked at the bigger picture, the goofy dog might’ve been reunited with his ball very soon.

Alas, the Golden’s pride takes a serious hit as millions of viewers have watched and shared the hilarious video.

It’s ok buddy, we all have off days!