Leading vet explains why you shouldn’t feed your dog ice cubes this summer

husky puppy looking up at ice cube in woman's hand dog-serious
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With the temperatures being so high this past week, we’ve all been trying to cool down as best we can. But what can we do for our pets, who are also suffering from the heat?

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 23/07/2021, 21:00

During the summer, there are lost of creative ways we can help our pets cool down.

Some owners purchase paddling pools and cooling mats, while others feed their pets ice cubes as frosty treats. But is this really ok?

Dangers of whole ice cubes for your pet

According to leading vet Dr Pete Wedderburn, ice cubes aren’t completely harmless for your dog. Indeed, while ice cubes won’t cause heatstroke or bloating (as many people believe), they could present a danger to your dog’s dental health.

Yes, ice cubes have the potential to fracture teeth if they’re bitten into – which is, in fact, a danger for humans too. 

Keep your pet safe this summer

But Dr Wedderburn does agree that feeding ice cubes to your pet is a good way to help them cool down, so here’s his recommendation: If you’re going to feed ice to your dog, make sure it’s crushed first. This will avoid your dog trying to chew it whole and potentially injuring themselves in the process.

Remember, dogs can’t sweat like we do, and they’re covered in fur! While you think you may be struggling with the summer heat, just think about what your dog is going through…

Stay safe!