Vet shares shocking photo of ground temperature as warning to pet owners

concrete thermometer dog-cat-serious
© St James Vets - Facebook

Every summer it’s the same thing: Dogs suffer from the heat because their owners don’t realise just how much they’re affected by it. But this vet is trying to raise awareness.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 22/07/2021, 21:00

St James Vets recently shared a photo which is going viral on social media.

The photo shows a concrete thermometer which measured the temperature of the ground yesterday. The result is terrifying.


The ground can burn your dog’s paws

As the outside temperatures neared 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the ground rose to a shocking 38.2 degrees. Enough to seriously damage a dog’s paws.

Vets at St James warned their followers about the dangers of the heat and reminded owners to only walk their dogs in the morning and in the evening, when temperatures are lower, and the sun is no longer out.

Why you shouldn’t walk your dog in hot weather

Aside from the ground temperature which can cause serious damage to your dog’s paws, the heat can also cause heatstroke, which can lead to long term organ damage or even death if not treated fast enough.

The heatwave shouldn’t last too much longer, but while it’s still above 20 degrees outside, take good care of your pets. Make sure they always have access to shade and water, especially if they are old, suffer from a chronic disease, or are a brachycephalic breed. 

And remember, heatstroke is much more dangerous than skipping a walk, so keep your priorities in check!