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Man rescues 5 puppies: Hours later, he realises he’s made a terrible mistake

young fox cubs on a towel and in a man's hand dog-wow
© Craig Mcgettrick - Facebook

This kind man only wanted to help, but ended up getting the surprise of a lifetime when he discovered what he’d actually done. Thankfully, everything ended well.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 21/07/2021, 20:00

Craig Mcgettrick was doing some garden work at his home in 2017 when he suddenly heard tiny whining noises.

Curious, he went to investigate. And what he found left him speechless: 5 tiny puppies had been heartlessly abandoned.

Man rescues litter of five

Craig quickly took photos of the puppies and posted them on social media to see whether anyone had any information regarding their mum or previous owners.

Right before driving the litter to the vets, Craig received a message from Martin Hemmington, Founder of the National Fox Welfare Society. Hemmington warned him that the little animals he had rescued were not puppies, but cubs! Fox cubs!

What to do if you find fox cubs alone

Worried for the cubs’ well-being, Hemmington sent a volunteer to give Craig a hand with them. The volunteer recommended that they place the cubs back where they were found, as they were hungry and the vixen would probably return to feed them soon.

After a few minutes of whining, the cubs were promptly found by their mum, who quickly fed them and lay with them to keep them warm.

It can be easy to mistake fox cubs with puppies when they’re so young, because they really don’t look like foxes at all! But if you have any doubts, get in touch with a wildlife rescue. If the babies are indeed wild animals, it’s best to leave them be, their mother will return eventually!