Man faints in the middle of the street: His dog's reaction breaks the heart of millions

Labrador dog laid on its owner dog-wow

Loyal guide dog won't leave her owner's side.

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The man who fainted is blind and also suffers from diabetes. The Labrador retriever in the video is his guide dog, and his behaviour is admirable.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 24/07/2021, 21:00

If Labs are characterised by something, it is by their friendly character, in addition to being very sociable, intelligent and playful. This combination has made them ideal companions for families with children.

These characteristics also make them excellent guide dogs and most of the time, they’ll leave us amazed, and this story is another example of why dogs are the best companions.

Discover all about the Labrador

A four legged heroine

A man was walking in the streets with his guide dog, a female labrador called Nina. This man is blind and suffers from diabetes and unfortunately, on this walk he fainted due to a drop in blood sugar. Fortunately for him, Nina knew exactly how to react. She tried to wake him up and laid on his chest until the doctors arrived.

While the medics were trying to help the man, Nina never left her owner’s side. She laid on her owner to make sure he was okay.

In this brief video, you can see one person trying to remove Nina from the man so that the doctors can help him. But she doesn't want to move. Faithful, sensitive and responsible, Nina refused to separate from her owner and stayed with him all along.

Another proof that dogs are loyal and devoted to their human friends. Dogs are the best!