Florida building collapse: Rescuers stunned when they find miracle survivor

young woman shaking hands with police officer cat-happy © KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source - YouTube

Rescue teams are still at the site trying to find survivors inside the rubble of the Surfside, Florida building which collapsed over two weeks ago.  

By Justine Seraphin

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Sadly, finding survivors is becoming more and more rare as the days go by. 

But on the 9th of July, rescuers at the site had an amazing surprise.


Survivor found in Florida building collapse

As they searched through the rubble, they found a black cat. The cat was clearly happy to be found, and considering his general state, it was clear that he had been waiting to be rescued since the collapse of the building.

Rescuers quickly took him to an animal shelter where he was well taken care of until his family could be contacted. Once she arrived at the shelter, Tayler Gonzalez knew she had found her family's little Binx.

A much needed miracle

This is some amazing news that the family desperately needed. Binx’s family had been living on the 9th floor when the building collapsed. While the daughter and mother of the family survived, the dad, named Edgar, is still unaccounted for. While we can’t imagine the kind of stress this family is going through, we are sure Binx’s survival brought them a little consolation during this difficult time.

61 people from the building are still reported missing. Here’s hoping rescuers continue to reunite families. 

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