Loyal guide dog never let his blind owner know he was losing sight

Golden Retriever guide dog dog-wow
© Roman Chazov / Shutterstock

Abel, the guide dog, was slowly losing sight at the age of seven. But his love for his owner was stronger and he decided to keep this secret to himself. Here’s the story of this hero guide dog, Abel.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 20/07/2021, 18:00

Sometimes the love between a dog and its owner can really make the impossible possible - as this is the case of Abel, a Golden Retriever and his owner Ken William. The pair would regularly be seen commuting from their home on the outskirts of Cardiff in South Wales into the city centre in the mid-1970s.

Abel never took a step wrong, he would always bring Ken safely to his destination. But little did Ken know, Abel was gradually going blind himself...

Abel, the faithful guide dog who barely put a paw wrong 

Not only was Abel a great guide dog, he was also very intelligent. Even though Abel was going blind, he knew the route perfectly well and was still able to take Ken wherever needed. The only thing Ken vaguely noticed is that his dog seemed to be a bit slower avoiding other people they came across. Abel manifested his love for his owner by hiding this secret and Ken never suspected anything.

Abel’s secret is finally revealed

One day, Ken realised his dog was blind and alerted the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association who found a replacement for Abel. Gay, a two-year-old female black Labrador joined their family. Ken wasn’t ready to let go of Abel, and he managed to find the perfect arrangement: Gay took over the regular commute to the office and after work, the trio would go out walking, led by guide dog Gay.