He takes a look in his neighbour's garden and laughs when he sees what is on the lawn

Garden view cat-happy

Some cats have slightly different passions than others. This is the case of Esme who has obviously decided to drive his humans crazy.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 13/07/2021, 21:00

According to her humans, Esme is an absolutely adorable cat... half of the time. A kitty who spends most of her time sleeping, loves other animals and cuddles with her humans.

But Esme also has a dark side. She's a thief. And even a recidivist.

The garden of shame

You’ll only have to look in the garden of her humans to understand the whole story. Indeed, Esme’s owners have installed a large sign that leaves no room for doubt since it says "My cat is a thief", all with a drawing of Esme holding something in her mouth.

The sign then explains that the stolen items are hung on the clothesline and their owners can help themselves.

On the clothesline in question, we see various hanging objects: lingerie, gloves… All the objects stolen by this mischievous cat!

Obviously, as soon as this picture was posted on the Internet, it went viral as it is so funny. The story does not say if all the objects have been returned to their owners, but the least we can say is that Esme has a busy life!