Woman buys Husky puppy: When the vet sees him, he can't help but disapprove

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This sad story should be a reminder that purchasing or adopting a dog should be a well-researched and well thought-through decision. This owner was lucky her dog survived.

By Justine Seraphin

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About a month ago, a woman named Sophie was looking for puppies to buy online.

Her dream had always been to get a Siberian Husky.

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Husky puppy for sale

So when she saw an ad for an adorable Husky puppy, she immediately fell in love. The dog was not only super cute, but he was also tiny! According to the breeder, the puppy, despite his size, had been weaned and was ready to go to his forever home.

Without hesitation, Sophie set an appointment with the breeder and quickly went to meet her new puppy. She paid for the pup right then and there, and eagerly brought him home with her.

Shocking discovery

But a few days later, when she visited the vet for the first time, Sophie got some very bad news. The vet revealed to her that the puppy was only 1 month old, meaning he definitely hadn’t been weaned and was much too young to be on his own. Thankfully, the puppy was in relatively good health, so the vet believed he would survive, though Sophie would have to take special care of him for the next few weeks.

No professional breeder would sell a 1-month old puppy. Puppies need to stay with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old, though some experts say the longer the better! This breeder was clearly a puppy farmer or dealer – beware of these scams and make sure you buy or adopt from reputable places!

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There are thousands of shelter pets in need of homes. If you can, consider adopting rather than buying. Find out more information about how to adopt an animal.

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